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Gown, Surgical, Woven

Product Code : ILS-MR-11578
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Instructions for use:-
Used for protection of healthcare workers in operating theatre or emergency room and patients where the potential for exposure to blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials exists. Reusable medical linen should be disinfected in a chlorine solution, washed and autoclaved in a steam sterilizer.

Size range available:
Small, Medium and Large

Product description-
Surgical gown
Raglan long sleeves, non-deforming cuffs in jersey: 12cm (+/- 10%)
Weight per m2: 135g-190g
Washing: normal; withstands boiling and autoclaving; resists to chlorine 0.1%
Multiple use
Finished length of the gown: approximately: 130cm (mid-calf) (+/- 10%)
Tie back closure and covering back panel lateral tie fastening
Colors: blue or green
Material: polyester /cotton fabric (50/50% or 65/35%) or 100% cotton fabric

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