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The selection of appropriate medical equipment always depends on local, regional or national requirements; factors to consider include the type of health facility where the devices are to be used, the health work force available and the burden of disease experienced in the specific catchment area. It is therefore impossible to make a list of core medical equipment which would be exhaustive and/or universally applicable.

Vacuum Extractor Bird with Anterior and Posterior Cups Manual Set

Product Code : ILS-HE-11491

Bird type anterior suction/extraction cup (1x 50mm and 1x 60mm diameter) rounded edges

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Vacuum Extractor Bird Anterior Manual Complete Set

Product Code : ILS-HE-11492

Storage and transportation: ­ 20 °C to +50 °C, 20% to 95 % humidity

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Suction Pump Surgical 2 Bottles w/access

Product Code : ILS-HE-11493

During operating the unit's noise level will not exceed 60.5 dB.

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Suction Pump Surgical 1 Bottle w access

Product Code : ILS-HE-11494

During operating the unit's noise level will not exceed 60.5 dB.

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Light Operating Room Mobile w/access

Product Code : ILS-HE-11495

Surgical light, halogen, mobile, AC and battery powered

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Light Examination Mobile w/access

Product Code : ILS-HE-11496

Examination light, halogen, mobile, AC powered

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Electrosurgical Unit w/access

Product Code : ILS-HE-11497

Return electrode safety system (for mono-polar), with automatic monitoring of patient connection and safety generator stop in case of bad or loss of patient connection

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Vacuum Extractor Bird Anterior and Posterior Cups Set

Product Code : ILS-HE-11498

Gauge dial, minimal graduation: 5kPa/37.5 mmHg Accuracy vacuum gauge: approx. 2.5 %

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Alkaline Battery Dry Cell

Product Code : ILS-HE-11499

Alkaline Battery Dry Cell "C" type, 1.5V, 26 x 50mm high, C.

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Breast Pump Manual w/access

Product Code : ILS-HE-11500

Collection bottle, screw-fit, capacity 150 ml

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Adult Wheelchair

Product Code : ILS-HE-11501

Tires: heavy duty solid rubber

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