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Each of the 117 arrows move and align with the magnetic field. Just run a magnet across it and the "invisible" fields will reveal themselves in the movements of the arrows.
The magnetic field model is one of the quickest and easiest ways to demonstrate invisible magnetic fields to your students. 
The entire unit is 6x6 inches (150x150mm2), perfect for placement on an overhead projector.

Students understand that magnets exert forces on all objects made of ferromagnetic materials (e.g. iron, cobalt, and nickel) as well as other magnets.
Students can describe the forces exerted by magnets, electrically charged objects, and gravity.
In using this product, many of the national and states' science education standards are covered. Some examples are provided here. These are representative, however. Check with your state to find the exact standards.
Students can create a representation of magnetic field lines around a bar magnet and qualitatively describe how the relative strength and direction of the magnetic force changes at various points.
Students know electric and magnetic fields contain energy and act as vector force fields
Students understand that magnetic fields accompany magnets and are related to the strength and direction of the magnetic force.
Students understand that magnetic forces act at a distance.

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