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Air Core Solenoid

Product Code : ILS-MAM-11779
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It is perfect for all classroom experiments requiring an external magnetic field, and great for studying induction and the rate of change of magnetic flux through a coil.
This Air Core Solenoid provides a magnetic field for a large number of experiments in magnetism and electricity. 
It is constructed using approximately 710 turns of insulated copper wire capable of carrying 5A intermittently and will sustain a current of 1.6A. 
To use, connect a power supply that does not put out more than 5A to the solenoid.  

1.6 amperes continuous current
5 amperes intermittent current and maximum
~710 turns
Insulated copper, 23 wire gauge
12V maximum voltage
3.175 cm diameter x 13.5 cm length
5mH inductance

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